Phitodo – Mobile version

Here we are, a new year a new to-do list or Phitodo list if you will. A couple of days ago we launched version 2 of Phitodo which brings the updates presented in our previous post, we are waiting for feedback from you on what we did wrong with this new version.

As you have probably noticed the desktop version 2 of Phitodo is not available for download yet, due to some technical difficulties its launch was delayed and the prognosis is that a viable launch candidate will be available in the first week of February.

But this is not what we are going to talk about today… Today we are going to talk about the upcoming mobile version of Phitodo. Yes we do have mobile phones and yes we want to take our todo’s with us on the road. In order to achieve this we created an online mobile version of Phitodo which will be available on the 1st February and will offer support for all mobile phones including the iPhone.

Although it’s going to be a lighter version in order to accommodate mobile devices it will not lack the power and versatility of our online version.


1. Task list

The mobile version will offer a combination between the simple and detailed views of our online version with ability to star, check off and view details

2. Adding a task

The process for adding tasks will be similar to our existing version with no changes

3. Filters

This is the area that was most impacted by the environment of the mobile devices as this area needed to be streamlined due to lack of screen real estate, nevertheless we think we managed to fit the power of our filtering component into this as well without leaving anything out.

The mobile version of Phitodo will be available by pointing your mobile phone’s built-in browser to After logging in with your existing username and password you will be able to access Phitodo on the go.

Some screenshots:

As far as we’re concerned Phitodo is software at its best, being able to deliver software based on user feedback while enjoying it is what we do, plus we seem to be better organised with a cool simple to use todo manager.

Again thank you,
We are humbled by your interest,
The Phitodo Development Team